UNI-TEE is a voluntary art project that grows support for the victims of the current war between Israel and Hamas. (Operation Iron Sword)

BLANK APPAREL’s exciting project presents T-shirts designed by local artists that provide support to families affected by the war and allow Israeli artists to present their work and contribute to an important cause.

Ten Israeli artists have joined the UNI TEE project and are bringing to life exciting works dealing with our complex reality after October 7th. In full voluntary cooperation with shirt manufacturers “Blank Apparel” and Israeli artists, they’ve designed a unique collection that will strengthen the community and help the victims of the war. Among the artists who took part in the project are: Guy Pitchon, Deda and Nitzan Mintz, Chen Maccabi, Odalia Shimoni (Odel), Tom Melink, Nir Peled (Pilpeled), Oren Fisher, Yuval Robichek and Michael Fishman.

The established special website allows you to purchase designed shirts, with the profits from each sale going to the “Matan” association established in 1998 by Shari Arison, which provides financial assistance to war victims and their families.

The project was fully volunteered by Guy Pitchon, curator of the art and the connection with the artists themselves, Tom Knipker, responsible for the website and photography, and Michael Topiol in the studio photography.

UNI TEE is not only an artistic venture, but also a kind of social support platform for volunteering, which combines art and community support. The collaboration between artists and the spirit of the times in Israel is an integral part of the worlds of art and culture.

The shirts can be obtained on the website:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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