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Amy Roiland, the sister of Justin Roiland (shout out to Creator of Cartoon Networks’ Rick and Morty) is a fashion blogger and designer with a superbly eccentric look. Her instagram, which you can find under the name “afashionnerd”, is a colorful curation of pastels, and clean sharp imagery. The background of all her photos are starkly unique; some photos give off Parisian vibes while others make us feel like we are looking at images from the Wild West. Regardless of the theme, her pictures are always razor edged and distinct in nature. Amy’s instagram is a beautiful collection of images each of which tell their own story and should to be seen by all.

You created an App, “Fashion Tap.”  What is special about it?

FashionTap is a social network designed specifically for the entire fashion industry, every aspect to connect on one social platform. This app allows you to tag your pictures as a blogger or even a fashion enthusiast and if someone comes along and buys what you have tagged you get full 100% revenue shares. We get no money at all. I made this with the love of the fashion world and wanted to help everyone succeed. We also help out the fashion brands, designers, and stores on the app. We want to help the little guys get their names out there and be able to find bloggers and connect. I am so excited to have created this and be the CEO of this fantastic beautiful social network.

Do you believe that people feel more comfortable these days purchasing clothes on their smartphone?

Yes, absolutely. It has become the way and most definitely the wave of the future. Most people know their sizes pretty well. For example, If you are a ModCloth fan you will know your sizes, check the charts and read the reviews. Reviews always help me determine my size when buying shoes online, So many places let you return in the actual store too or you can return it for free. I love it.

How did your love for fashion begin?

My love for fashion blossomed at the age of 14. I was actually a crazy skater teenager with green hair and baggy pants before this. My boyfriend at the time was a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt so I started to adapt her personal style and started to study about brands such as Juicy Couture, Sevens and Coach. I fell in love with the designs and all I could think about was fashion. Prior to this, I had no heavy interest in fashion.

Is there a garment that you particularly like ? Please describe it.

 I love all of my collared blouses and dresses. I enjoy the trend of collars. I started multiple lines and collaborations including a personal line for myself for fun called Royce Roiland and I designed a line called The Reveal. All my collared tops and dresses have a zipper down the front and that’s why they were called The Reveal. It is both sexy and sophisticated inspired by the 60’s.

Who do you think has the ultimate style? Why do you find it interesting?

Alexa Chung. She can dress up in the most elegant dress yet also pull off skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer and look incredible both ways. I feel she really embodies her style gracefully and she is so unbelievably beautiful.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

 I see myself running my entire company FashionTap as the CEO and changing the entire fashion world as we know it. Continuing my passion for eyewear and designing footwear, opening up my very own Fashion Blogger agency. I have quite a few goals.

What are the next goals you would like to achieve?

Traveling around the entire world and doing blogger collaborations. Basically, I want to pull off the biggest blogger collaboration known to man. 

What are your other hobbies other than fashion?

Riding around on my Lekker vintage bike is a fun side hobby of mine. Also drawing and reading and of course listening to French music. I also love photography.

What is your advice for young bloggers who want to gain a lot of followers?

Post every single day, hashtag all the time. Like everyones photos, be responsive and be nice. Just be nice to everyone. I am always nice to every single person. I answer everyone and I give advice on a daily basis. I do not ever compete with other girls, I do not agree with that. Spread the love, help everyone. Post every day and go at it 100%. Become obsessed with it and you will go far and get better. After a year and half of blogging I really feel like I am in the groove of things now. It took me a while. I used to shoot all my outfits by myself with a clicker on my roof top. Now I work with other photographers and really try to get some incredible shots. Go at it, never stop. I started a blog in 2008 and quit and started another in 2010 and quit. I wish I stuck with it.

What motivates you to choose a certain outfit?

1960s and colors motivate me. I love crazy fun prints and fun collars in a high waisted silhouette. Accessories really make an outfit as well.

The fashion industry is a very competitive area these days. What do you think makes a stylist stand out in the crowd?

Going out and styling every single day. Helping people get ready. Talk to the bigger stylists out there, intern for them. Be by their side and learn every single thing you can. The fashion world is mean. Do not take it all too personal. Just laugh it off and have fun and learn from it all. Stay positive, these are just clothes at the end of the day.

Interviewed By Talia Tzoref

Illustrations by Katya Kolosovskaya

Art Direction Sharon Esther

Edited by Jaqui Gutman

Talia Zoref
Sharon Esther
Creative Director
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