Alex Proba

By: Sophia Newman | Illustrations: Yael Berezdivin

Alex Proba is an integrated artist from Lüdenscheid, Germany, who combines her love and talent of graphic design and furniture design to create unique and whimsical pieces of art. Studio Proba was founded by Alex in New York back in 2013. This is where her various multidisciplinary pieces come to life.

Proba’s signature style showcases her love for irregular shapes and playful color palettes which can be found on; pillows, wall art, mini tables. Some of her most recent work can be found among pool floors in Palm Springs, showing how Proba can add her lively touch to any corner of a home or space. Proba has worked with clients such as Target, Oscar Health, Mother New York, General Assembly, Maison Gerard, Google, Kickstarter, as well as many more. Displaying how she has made a name for herself and her art.

More of her work can be found on

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