VALENTINO’s pink collection

VALENTINO’s pink collection was launched internationally in the world’s biggest fashion capitals and lands at the AMOR boutique (“Medinah” Square)

The Fall-Winter 2022 fashion show conquered Paris Fashion Week and introduced a new and bold pink shade later named “Valentino Pink” or “Pink PP”.

The Italian fashion house “Valentino” became known for its signature that combines a romantic style with tailored elements. The highlight of his designs were the red dresses, in the shade known in the fashion industry as “Valentino Red”.

In a historic move, last March the fashion house introduced a new color that took over an entire display: a pink runway, on which women and men walked together, all wrapped in pink from head to toe. The vision of Pier Paolo Piccioli, the artistic director of the fashion house today, was to transform and challenge the social meaning associated with the color pink, also known as Pink PP, named after the designer.

“Pink PP is the result of research and necessity. I had to put all my hopes and dreams and basically everything that makes me feel good into one color,” said Piccioli in an interview with British Vogue, talking about the ambition to create a shade that would convey Valentino’s red heritage through a lens modern.

“I wanted to work like a monochromatic artist,” said the designer in an interview before the show. “When you look at one color, you have to look deeper than the surface, pay attention to the texture, the cut, the silhouette, the volume and the details,” he explained. When it comes to the designs of the Valentino fashion house, you cannot be disappointed by the small details – which can be seen in sculpted collars, laser cut competition, manipulations of chiffon fabric and impressive hand-made floral embroideries.

The new collection lands these days at AMOR, the evening dress with the deep strapless neckline stands out, and a variety of tailored jackets with matching pants, elegant silk tops, a mini skirt and shoulder-baring overalls. In keeping with the runway, the black shade is also present in the collection, where each item – whether it’s long pants, an off-the-shoulder top, or an evening dress – is a precise timeless piece in itself.

Price range: NIS 549-23,990

The collection will be sold at AMOR in the State Square
And also on the FACTORY54.CO.IL website

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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