ADIKA’s swimwear collection summer 2022

Adika launches the swimwear and beachwear collection for the summer of 2022. The collection offers a wide range of designer swimwear that provides a glimpse into the trends leading the bathing season.

The range of swimwear is broad and offers a range of suitable designs for every woman and every body type. The collection is led by designs that tie around the body, in unique cut-outs and bras with quality caps and sculptures combined with fabrics from the world of lingerie – nets, and lace. In addition, the collection contains cuts of complete and flattering swimwear in the HIGH LEG cut.

The prints in the collection are inspired by the 70s and inspired by the Greek atmosphere in front of Mykonos landscapes at hot beach parties. It’s characterized by rich colors, from pink-orange-lilac colors to the worlds of warm and stormy spice colors, to the base colors of black and white combined with mottled prints.

The collection is complemented by a colorful beachwear collection that includes a variety of items for moments on the way to the sea and for spending time at beach parties. These include skirts made of light fabrics, beach dresses, strapless tops, and wide pants.

Swimwear size range: XS-XL

Beachwear size range: XS-XXL

Price range: 59-139 NIS

Available at and in stores across the country.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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