A new exhibition at the Design Museum of Holon

Breaking Gender Barriers at Holon’s Mediateque and Design Museum

In an exciting endeavor to challenge societal norms, the Design Museum of Holon proudly presents “Game Changer: Gender-Conscious Design” – an exceptional exhibition shedding light on the profound impact of design on our perceptions of gender. Curated by Maya Dvash, Rona Zinger, and Adi Hammer Yaakovi, this unique showcase runs from January 29, 2024, to June 29, 2024.

“Game Changer” transcends conventional boundaries, offering an in-depth exploration of how design influences gender consciousness. The exhibition goes beyond the surface, revealing the subtle ways in which design molds our identities as consumers, creators, and designers. It emphasizes the profound connection between what we design and the formation of our consciousness.

Featuring over 120 contemporary projects from both local Israeli talent and global contributors, the exhibition encompasses a diverse array of products – from everyday shelf items to cutting-edge medical technologies, as well as critical and political designs. Interactive installations and iconic examples from popular culture enrich the narrative, providing a comprehensive perspective on gender-related themes in both design and private life.

In response to the impactful events of October 7th and the ongoing war, the exhibition has evolved, introducing new designs and art pieces that poignantly address gender-related themes within the context of the prevailing challenges. These additions aim to resonate with our collective pain, offering a reflection of the current societal landscape.

Curators Maya Dvash, Adi Hamer Yaakovi, and Rona Zinger express the complexity of this project, particularly considering the sensitivity of addressing gender-related issues during times of conflict. They underscore the exhibition’s significance to the local discourse, emphasizing that gender concerns everyone, and design plays a pivotal role in shaping societal perceptions.

In their statement at the exhibition launch, the curators share, “Design is a powerful tool to address gender comprehensively, raise awareness, and contribute to building a more equal society. We chose to highlight the recent works of Israeli designers, reflecting on the events of October 7th and the ongoing war.”

This exhibition challenges preconceived notions, envisioning a world where baby clothes stores aren’t confined to stereotypical pink and blue sections. It invites audiences to imagine a reality where restroom designs cater to needs rather than perpetuating overcrowded spaces. Acknowledging that design can perpetuate stereotypes and promote marginalization, the exhibition also asserts that design can be the catalyst for change, reshaping social perceptions and dismantling ingrained stereotypes.

The exhibition delves into questions of identity and society, spotlighting the reciprocal relationship between objects and social perceptions. It not only illuminates the problems rooted in gender stereotypes but also underscores the transformative power of design to lead change, promoting equality and challenging deep-seated thought patterns.

Featuring contributions from renowned designers such as Jessica Walsh, Ani Liu, Lenka Clayton, and more, “Game Changer” is a testament to the global discourse on identity and gender. With each carefully selected piece, the exhibition encourages visitors to reflect on how gender impacts us all.

As the Design Museum of Holon opens its doors to this groundbreaking exhibition, it invites the community to engage in a thought-provoking exploration of design’s potential to break down gender barriers and foster a more inclusive and equitable society.

Purchase tickets through the Holon Design Museum website www.dmh.org.il

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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