Evette Rose – Metaphysical Anatomy

Evette Rose is an Author, Personal Development Teacher, Trauma Release Practitioner, and Life Coach who has traveled to more than 34 different countries to teach personal development classes and seminars. Her work is all about helping relieve people from past traumas, which they may or may not be conscious of, and inhibiting them from leading […]

Chromatic Wellness with Kyaré

Kyaré considers color as a source of life and expression, without color life is void. From an early age, Kyaré expressed her passion for art and colors in a natural manner, which led her to enter the world of art, learning various techniques of artistic expression where she would work with the enchanting world of […]


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Jamie Butler | The Art Of Spiritual Conversation

“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help, Only if we help, we shall all be saved“ – Jane Goodall Jamie Butler is the Oprah Winfrey of the spiritual world. She has accomplished so much in nearly three decades of working in this field, that it makes you wonder […]

Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland, the sister of Justin Roiland (shout out to Creator of Cartoon Networks’ Rick and Morty) is a fashion blogger and designer with a superbly eccentric look. Her instagram, which you can find under the name “afashionnerd”, is a colorful curation of pastels, and clean sharp imagery. The background of all her photos are […]

A Healthy Crush – An Electric Journey

Crush Foster is the founder of the brand “A Healthy Crush” which was founded in 2015. His entire philosophy is based on helping people help themselves by introducing them to methods of bodily detoxification through juicing as well as healthy foods that only have positive effects on the body. The company focuses on educating people […]

Miranda Makaroff

I believe that our current society has made it nearly impossible to individualize your personal style. With new trends constantly being thrown in our face it is getting harder and harder to stand out. You would think that in a time where tolerance is trendy, and people are accepting of difference, more diversity would ensue […]

Liron Eini

Sharp, clean, + bold, Liron Eini seems to be the queen of color blocking. Her Instagram is awesomely orchestrated with solid colored backgrounds juxtaposed with whatever very funky look she is wearing that day. Every image she takes is crisp, fresh and all of her pictures follow a very cohesive theme (usually including some NASCAR-esque […]

Nataf Hirshberg

A proud graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Nataf Hirschberg is a talented and dedicated designer with several aspirations to build a private brand of her own one-day. She is a thoughtful and meticulous designer who is inspired by old fashioned methods of graphic design combined with new age technologies. Nataf uses objects […]

Tal Eshed

Tal Eshed was in the midst of establishing her artistic career in Israel, when she decided to change her course and travel the globe. This change included shifting the focus from video installations and sculpture to creating more and more performance pieces. Often taking place outdoors in nature, the pieces deal with subjects like spirituality […]


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