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“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help, Only if we help, we shall all be saved – Jane Goodall

Jamie Butler is the Oprah Winfrey of the spiritual world. She has accomplished so much in nearly three decades of working in this field, that it makes you wonder how does someone who looks not a day over 30, has already managed to achieve all this goodness: The author of “With Love and Light: A True Story About an Uncommon Gift”, The founder of “The Center for Love and Light” in Atlanta, and co-founder of a nonprofit learning environment: “The Love & Light Institute”, and the host of “The Lighter Side Show”.

Jamie is also known for her countless You-Tube videos available to all, on her own successful channel, and her “Channeling Erik” videos that captivated truth-seekers from across the globe and are always informative and full of humor and character and always entertaining. (All relevant links listed down below)

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie and asking her some of your burning questions:

1. What is essentially the difference between the human soul and the soul of any other living life form? (like a butterfly or a cat) because If we’re all the same on the spirit level then what’s the difference between the death a cockroach and the passing of a human being?

The spirit that comes forward to answer this question is of a nine-year old girl who’s obviously “all knowing” and wise beyond her years, and she’s showing herself with both her hands firmly on her hips, saying “There is no difference!” with full conviction. Human-beings wants to believe that they are special and unique, that they are the crown of creation, but despite the obvious differences between the many different species, in its true essence, anything that sustains life, has the same kind of life force in it. We all share struggles with community, communication, surviving and thriving, and we all experience the highs and lows and will eventually transition into the same dimensional plane. 

2. The follow-up question would be – if trees or vegetables or fruits, are all energetic living beings, then how is being a vegetarian different than being a carnivore?

Once again, there is no difference. Speaking from the moral point of view, eating a salad is not much different than chicken soup, because despite what some humans choose to believe, eating vegetables is consuming the life force inside these plants, and although they have no eyes or mouths, and are unable to communicate or visibly share emotions, they too are alive just like you or any other animal. In fact, when the human soul wants to experience the true meaning of perseverance, wisdom and dignity, they might choose to have a life as a tree and incarnate on somebody’s backyard garden.

In this part of the conversation, the exuberant and playful spirit of Erik Medhus joins in and says “Hey Mother-f**ker…” (followed by a break of laughter from both me and Jamie) He says that its hypercritical of vegetarians to say that their lifestyle is morally advanced, because plants don’t have voices that we can perceive with our human senses, but it doesn’t mean that they too don’t “scream” when they are being cooked and fried. They experience a certain chemical quality that we would call an emotion, when we rip them right out from the ground, and we keep telling ourselves stories of how moral we are, just to make us feel better.

Sure, animals are more similar to humans than plants, but how similar is similar enough to constitute a similar moral standing? Where do we draw that line, and why? This philosophical argument isn’t about finding a “moral justification” for eating meat, it’s about our responsibility as humans to focus on important and critical issues like endangered animals, and the crimes and cruelty of the meat industry.

That being said, Erik continues by saying that we as humans are evolving towards not eating meat, because our bodies are evolving into a much lighter diet, because meet is a big grounder and it can stand in the way of our spiritual evolution by keeping us in a caveman state of mind. So not eating meat can be used as a tool into spiritual ascension, but its not so much an issue of morality, says Erik.


3. We speak a lot about human cruelty, but we never talk about cruelty amongst animals. In the wild, animals are designed to Kill and eat one another (The predators, of course) there’s obviously no Ego involved but why was this cycle in the wild designed in such a cruel and brutal way?

My spirit guide Grace is speaking at this point, she’s very elegant in the way she talks (unlike the lovable Erik) and she says that some animals were designed as predators but without the element of greed, they will not kill or consume anything more than their immediate need, and that is essentially natures way of balancing itself. Humans were evolved to consume more than what they need, and therefore their predatorial behavior is killing the earth beyond repair.

Animals understand the meaning of balance. They don’t need a guru or a master teacher to explain the knowing that they were born with. When there is a luck of food animals will be fasting for as long as needed unlike humans who associate fasting with “not having enough” and so we started believing the assumption that was shoved down our throats by the Multi-brand companies to eat three or even five meals a day to stay healthy. 

4. We know that our soul is split into many different fragments in order to experience as much as possible. Is there any time when all the fragments of the Soul reunite into the one Super Soul?

Grace continues to answer, and she says “YES!” (meanwhile in the background Erik is saying “Hell yeah!”) but the way this question was asked suggests that time is linear, when in fact there’s no conceptual distinction between the past and the future, let alone an objective line of “now”, so you are already united with all of your soul fragments, because you were never truly separated. The spirit of an older Japanese man with a long goatee joins in the conversation, and every time I look at him, he smiles from ear to ear, (he said his name was “Hiro Winshin” and hopefully we pronounced it correctly?) and he says that the super-soul reunion doesn’t necessarily happen at the end of a big life marathon, there are time units in which you are consciously reunite with all the lives you chose to live, both past and future lives including lives in other dimensions or in parallel universes, and this can happen very quickly as fast as the speed of light.

5. There are many races of extraterrestrials and some of us were told that we originated from different races of ET’s, like the Pleiadeans or the Tall whites or the Grays. Can you tell if I personally come from any of these races?

Erik says YES! (and both me and Jamie burst into laughter) He says you have had multiple existence as a Tall White, and that you are thoroughly fascinated with earth and its linear way of being. Your whole life you’ve struggled with the thought of “who the hell am I, and what the hell is going on here…?”

6. Famous author Dolores Cannon speaks of The Three waves of volunteers. basically, what she says is that many Souls incarnated on Earth from other planets, volunteering to raise the vibration of the Earth… So, when these people die, do they go back to their home planets?

Erik continues to answer by saying that the people who came from other planets will experience death the same as any other human, because that’s part of what they signed in for, they knew they were getting into the human experience, so after their passing they can reunite with multidimensional beings from their home planet if they choose to. But there are some special humans living on earth right now, that are unique in the sense that they don’t have amnesia and they know why they are here, they have come with a purpose and after their passing they will immediately reunite with the source. These beings are Guru in nature, and they are here to help us evolve.


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