PRIDE Month fashion 2021

Many fashion brands have shown up as allies to the LGBTQ community, such as Calvin Klein who continues to push cultural boundaries and explore new issues of self-expression. The brand supports different and diverse communities including the LGBTQ Community.

This year’s Pride collection includes lingerie, swimwear, and accessories that are being reinterpreted with colorful prints, graphics, and embroidery tailored for both sexes. You can see in the campaign the classic Calvin Klein underwear such as the trunk underwear for men that include a logo belt in a limited edition, as well as a bra and underwear for a woman. In addition, the collection includes packages of five boxers in colors that match the colors of the campaign.

Price range: ranges from NIS 399 to NIS 109

The items are sold in the brand’s flagship stores – Calvin Klein CK Ramat Aviv, Calvin Klein CK Gindi and Calvin Klein CK Golden Mall, in stores and on the FACTORY 54 website.

Levi’s also advocates the values ​​of equality, inclusion, and progress. Throughout the years the brand has put principles before profits. Ahead of the 2021 Pride Parade, Levi’s aims to encourage empathy and inclusion through a new and inspiring Pride collection that celebrates with the LGBTQ community and explores the importance of learning, respecting, and using gender body pronouns correctly. The brand has a long history of supporting the LGBT community.

The Pride collection includes a variety of classic modern styles, adapted for both sexes, combined with new graphics while leaving the Pride flag. In the collection, you can find jerseys, T-shirts, hats, and more, decorated with colorful graphics.

Along with the Levis collection, the brand will also continue to support and contribute to the LGBTQ community through collaboration with OutRight Action International – an organization that works to promote the rights of the LGBTQ population all over the world.

Price range: ranges from NIS 229 to NIS 119

The items are sold in the brand’s flagship stores – and on the FACTORY 54 website.

Last but not least, is MICHAEL KORS’s MKPRIDE Collection for the 2021 Pride month. The campaign is led by four TIKTOK content creators from the Pride Community who present the MKPRIDE capsule collection that includes a t-shirt for women made from 100% organic cotton and sold in a limited edition for Pride celebrations. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will be donated to OutRight Action International, an international human rights organization that works to research, document, protect and promote human rights in the LGBTIQ community.

Also in the collection is a canvas bag combined with MICHAEL KORS heart lettering in the colors of Pride.

The collection will be sold in Michael Kors’ flagship stores in the Ramat Aviv Mall, TLV Mall, and on the FACTORY 54 website.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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