Caravelle is the first full release of band, Polo & Pan. The album has an expansive sound that covers French popular culture and music while giving it a fancier twist that makes you want to get out of your seat and just dance. One of bold characteristics of the album is the use of found and improvised drum tracks. The drum tracks have become a staple of French house music. An example of this novel and French sound is noticeable on the track “Canopée” and in the works of other DJs and musicians such as Jacques and L’Imperatrice.

This album is fun, lighthearted, and best of all something that you can dance to. Polo (Paul Armand-Delille) and Pan (“Peter Pan”/ Alexandre Grynszpan) met in the competitive world of Parisian and French house and began recording and playing together in 2014. Their music has been well received in France but remains largely unknown outside it.

As one listens to tracks like “Dorothy” or “Abysse,” you can hear influences from earlier electronic French acts like Air, whose Moon Safari, remains an international hit within the electronic scene. In addition to the music itself, there are several tracks accompanied by music videos that are well worth watching. Caravelle hints at a new wave of French house music that is unconstrained, forward looking, and bodes well for the larger music scene in being unpretentious and its willingness to bend genres.

By Aaron White

Director – Pablo Maestres
Producer – Laia Barot
Production Company – Frenzy and Primo
Executive Producer – Elsa Rakotoson, Camille Semprez, Cédric Barus, Cecilia Salguero

Aaron White
Music Editor LA
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