Israeli fashion designer ASIA presents: A white collection for ‘Shavuot’

This collection, interestingly enough, is made in Israel out of ideology and Zionism. It offers a variety of items that move between opposite lines and create a harmonious connection of unique fashion items, combining the elegant and conservative look with the dramatic, bold, and exposed.

This new ASIA collection is elegant and tailored, and it includes elegant white maxi or mini dresses that combine a high and classic collar with deep slits, sets of tops and skirts that can be customized to the depth of the slit and the length of the skirt, a variety of white suits with different special developers in the back and mix and match between pants in different cuts and designed buttoned shirts, vests, and jackets tailored with an elegant and feminine touch.

Also in the collection, a variety of t-shirts designed with a combination of satin collars, tops and elegant jackets.

Price range:
Dresses and skirts – from 990 NIS to 2990 NIS.
Jackets – from NIS 1,390 to NIS 2,490, pants – from NIS 590 to NIS 990.
T-shirt – from NIS 390 to NIS 790, buttoned shirts – from NIS 490 to NIS 1390.
Top – from 1390 NIS to 2490 NIS.

Available at the store: Gordon 26 Tel Aviv, and on the website:–

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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