Felipe Pantone

Observing one of Felipe Pantone’s entrancing artworks is like walking into a deep state of hypnosis, one that leaves you wanting more. The Argentinian-native creates larger-than-life productions, best known for his kinetic art, installations and graffiti designs.

Pantone’s bold and confrontational work is evidently inspired by his fascination with today’s incredible and constantly evolving technology. Blending different styles in his powerful pieces, the artist instantly takes viewers into a futuristic world of stark colors and geometric illusions, warping time and space.

Patone’s latest excursion into the experimental world of art has been in his involvement in the Spectra exhibition in Panama. The widely acclaimed project was pioneered by ‘The Master’ of kinetic and op-art, Carlos Cruz-Diez, who invited four international graffiti artists into his studio to conjure up the next big thing.

These aritst came together with very different backgrounds, visions and methods of madness, however, with one very strong connection to street art, exploration and risk taking.

Transitioning from lone artist to team member and from temporary art on the streets to more permanence in the walls of a gallery, these artists have come together to create a dynamic exhibition, introducing a fresh and forward way of thinking in the ever-changing world of art.

By Sarina Rofe

Sharon Esther
Creative Director
Sarina Rofe
Production Assistant
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