Diesel | Spring 2021 | A look at the 1990s

Diesel presents the Spring 2021 collection which alludes to the early 90s with blooms of colors in all items. The silhouettes were inspired by university team-uniforms and floral prints in the center appropriate for the season.

The cut-outs of the collection are varied and range from tight to large. Skinny pants with an expandable extension and patches along the leg, floral prints on T-shirts, hoodies, and college jackets a key item in the collection. The denim is also combined with flared cuts, and the color palette is fun and vibrant and includes light pink, purple, and green laid out in dark black and gray shades.

The men’s collection is moving in the direction of classics. The inspiration comes from Diesel’s iconic signature alongside the American motoring style. Together they blend into an eclectic aesthetic that creates a new seasonal look.

furthermore, on the occasion of the beginning of the Chinese bull year, which will begin on February 12, 2021, Diesel is launching a unisex collection in a limited edition. This Unisex collection is designed inspired by the style of basketball games combined with techno music inspiration. The bulls’ zodiac motif is woven throughout the collection, in the form of illustration, patchwork, or chrome treatments, all designed with a visual celebration of bright colors, adorned with bold prints, to create a distinct graphic impact.

Diesel’s DNA is well highlighted in this collection, and it includes jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirt dresses embossed with graphic prints of the bull in a chalk outline. In the accessories section, you can find black backpacks, shoulder bags, socks, visor hats, and jewelry.

Available in stores and on the website: www.diesel.co.il

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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