Banana By Linor Abargil

For the first time, businesswoman, model, and Miss World Linor Abargil will design a capsule collection for “Banana”, of dresses and skirts under her name “Banana By Linor Abargil”

The collaboration between Linor Abargil and Tzipi Kurzweil, one of the brand’s owners and chief designer, was born out of a need to provide a fashionable everyday solution for women who are looking for a meticulous, modest, and trendy look.

The new collaboration gives a wide answer to women who choose a modest look, who wishes to stay up-to-date with fashion trends. The items in the collection are inspired by the most prominent designs in the world and are accessible in a chic version that is suitable for the Israeli clients. The fabrics chosen for this collection range from denim fabrics to soft and pleasant cotton fabrics that are suitable for the season in pink, green, white and dresses with plaid prints, mottled prints, and summer floral prints.

We presented the designer, Tzipi Kurzweil, with a few questions regarding the new collection and her glamorous collaborator:

Q: To what extent is the choice of fabrics crucial in designing a modest collection for the harsh Israeli climate?

Answer: The collection was created from light and comfortable fabrics, cotton fabrics, and jeans that are suitable for the hot climate of summer so that even women who dress modestly will not suffer from the Israeli heat.

Q: Do you both (yourself and Linor) have plans for another joint collection?

Answer: Absolutely, I am sure we will continue to cooperate here in Israel and around the world.

Q: Apart from being a beautiful, modest, and religious woman, what other values ​​do you think Linor Abargil represents that matched your brand?

Answer: Linor is a powerful woman, with an international experience, and just like the Banana brand, she sees the woman in a holistic view – as a mother, as a career woman, with humility and representativeness. From the moment I saw her I knew we could do great and meaningful things together, and design a great collection while maintaining uncompromising quality.

*The new collection comes in the size range 34-54 | Price range is between 200-380 NIS.
The collection can be found in the chain’s six branches nationwide and will also be available on the BANANA website –

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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