Everybody’s favorite characters with everyone’s favorite jeans. This year we are celebrating 25 years of Pikachu and friends. Levi’s presents an iconic collaboration with Pokemon for Spring-Summer 2021. The capsule collection combines the famous icon of the series – Pikachu, with trendy and contemporary classic details of the brand.

When thinking of the late 90s icons, it is hard to imagine anything bigger than Pokemon, a memory that continues to be loved by children and adults all over the world to this day. Who in the early 2000s did not want to join Pikachu’s adventures as it traveled the colorful Pokemon world ?! To celebrate this iconic world, and the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, this year Levi’s created a colorful collection of Levi’s® x Pokémon, inspired by the 90s.

The collection was inspired by the first season of the original Pokemon animated series and includes a variety of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and accessories that include graphics and prints of the popular characters from the series. The items will be women, men, and unisex details.

“On its 25th anniversary, the Pokemon brand is celebrating its continuing legacy in pop culture with fans around the world. Our Levi’s creative team has developed a collection that includes icons that incorporate the spirit of the era in which Pokemon was first launched with today’s style sensibilities” Said Amy Shechtelban, managing director of Pokemon International.

Price range: 199 NIS – 449 NIS

The collection will be sold on the Factory 54 website.

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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