Ben Zini’s first clothing collection:

Singer, actor and content creator Ben Zini is launching a new fashion brand PINK POST that will be sold exclusively on the ONE PROJECT website.

For the first time, Ben Zini entered the field of fashion and designed a unisex collection under his new brand PINK POST, which will be sold exclusively on the ONE PROJECT website. Ben modeled for this collection alongside Noya Arviv, in a unique campaign filmed at a skate park in Tel Aviv.

The collection includes sports items, T-shirts, jerseys, and shorts in colors: black, white and pink. It has 9 carefully selected clothing items in order to maintain a unique capsule collection in a limited edition that cannot be obtained and seen anywhere. The brand name consists of 3 factors that shaped Ben’s character in life: sports, his career, and the color of life.

Ben Zini: “From sports, I took the base for the brand name – PING PONG, as a teenager I played competitive ping pong, sports shaped my character and taught me what it is to adhere to a goal, self-discipline and striving for excellence.

Career – For the past 5 years I have been dealing with social media and social networks and the word PONG has been replaced by POST, which is a big part of my career, to upload posts to social networks.

Color of life – Pink is my favorite color and throughout my life I chose it, and I went against the flow and hence the PING was replaced with PINK, and so the name goes: PINK POST.

Size range: XS-XL

Price range: 79-129 NIS

Can only be purchased on the ONE PROJECT website.

Link to purchase the collection:

Harel Sharon
Editor in Chief
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